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Nature - Hybrid Pack

Nature Hybrid Pack is a 3D environment art pack that blends the Low Poly art style with the Stylized art style.

Key Features
- Most of the models have LODs to ensure an optimal performance.
- The models have custom lightmap UVs.
- All vegetation shaders have wind simulation.
- Slope correction shader feature. When enabled, the grass/flowers/reedmace will point upwards even when placed on steep slopes.
- The grass and flower shaders use white and greyscale textures. This makes it easy to customize the colors or use custom textures.
- Water shader with color depth and distortion.
- Basic underwater fog image effect (Built-In pipeline only).
- Custom material inspectors. Tooltips are displayed when the mouse is hovering over a field name.
- Large demo scene that showcases the 3 biomes.

Nature - Hybrid Pack Trailer 1